When a show has been on as long as the Law & Order franchise has (Law & Order: OG has been on since 1990) it makes sense to assume that a fair share of actors would have trod their dusty precinct boards, but do you have any idea just how many of the L & O victims, suspects and defense lawyers have gone on to have huge film and television careers? Or just how many big named actors performed guest spots after they were already famous? So many! Luckily, the folks at Slacktory have rounded up the best of these appearances in one handy supercut.

Here are their stories:

Laura Linney โ€“ Blue Bamboo โ€“ Season 5 Episode 3
Chandra Wilson โ€“ Cradle to the Grave โ€“ Season 2 Episode 18
Kristen Schaal - Criminal Intent โ€“ Season 6, Episode 16
Samuel L Jackson / Philip Seymore Hoffman โ€“ The Violence of Summer โ€“ Season 1 Episode 14
Cynthia Nixon - Subterranean Homeboy Blue - Season 1 Episode 2
Jennifer Garner โ€“ Aftershock โ€“ Season 6 Episode 23
Leighton Meester โ€“ Disciple โ€“ Season 9 Episode 15
Edie Falco โ€“ Mother Love โ€“ Season 3 Episode 15
Claire Danes โ€“ Skin Deep โ€“ Season 3 Episode 1
William H Macy โ€“ Skin Deep โ€“ Season 2 Episode 17
Chevy Chase - Law and Order Recut
Tony Hale โ€“ Brazil โ€“ Season 20 Episode 18
Bradley Cooper โ€“ Night โ€“ Season 6 โ€“ Episode 20
Hayden Panettiere - Hooked โ€“ Season 6 โ€“ Episode 15
Marlee Matlin โ€“ Parts โ€“ Season 6 Episode 22
Martin Short โ€“ Pure โ€“ Season 6 Episode 18
Abigail Breslin โ€“ Birthright โ€“ Season 6 Episode 1
Amanda Seyfried โ€“ Outcry โ€“ Season 6 Episode 5
Serena Williams โ€“ Brotherhood โ€“ Season 5 โ€“ Episode 12
Rory Culkin โ€“ Manic โ€“ Season 5 Episode 2
Henry Winkler โ€“ Greed โ€“ Season 3 โ€“ Episode 20
Rainn Wilson โ€“ Waste โ€“ Season 4 Episode 8
Fred Savage โ€“ Futility โ€“ Season 4 Episode 22
Jerry Lewis โ€“ Uncle โ€“ Season 8 Episode 4
Marcia Gay Harden โ€“ Raw โ€“ Season 7 Episode 6
Ludacris โ€“ Screwed โ€“ Season 8 Episode 22
Robin Williams - Authority โ€“ Season 9 Episode 13
Melissa Joan Hart โ€“ Impulsive โ€“ Season 9 Episode 3
Wallace Shawn โ€“ Snatched โ€“ Season 10 Episode 13
Caroll Burnett โ€“ Ballerina โ€“ Season 10 Episode 16
Kathy Griffin โ€“ PC โ€“ Season 11 Episode 13
Rosie Perez โ€“ Hardwired โ€“ Season 11 Episode 5
Sharon Stone โ€“ Season 11 Episode 21
Mischa Barton โ€“ Savoir โ€“ Season 11 Episode 14
Joan Cusack โ€“ Locum โ€“ Season 12 Episode 1
Debra Messing โ€“ Pursuit โ€“ Season 12 Episode 7
John Stamos โ€“ Bang โ€“ Season 12 Episode 22
Jeremy Irons โ€“ Totem โ€“ Season 12 Episode 20
Jennifer Love Hewitt โ€“ Behave โ€“ Season 12 Episode 3
(And Stephen Colbert & Kourtney Khloe Kardashian are in there somewhere, too!)


Supercut: Celebrities on Law & Order [Slacktory]