Jesus-Barbie Can Do Anything (Except Be President)

On last night's premiere of the seventh season of Real Housewives of Orange County, we got to see that Alexis Bellino—who believes that Jesus sanctions silicone implants but not homosexuality (because that's unnatural)—got herself another job. Adding to her responsibilities of her dress line, Alexis Couture, Alexis took on a once-a-week correspondence gig for the Fox 5 morning show in San Diego, for a series of segments about butts. Seriously. Having previously been very adamant about her belief that women belong in the home and not in the White House, it's weird to hear Alexis talking about how no glass ceiling will hold her back from her career goals, like her dream of being the Katie Couric of National Booty Awareness Month. Hopefully her newfound freedom won't turn her into one of those problematic "liberal" women. Whatever the case, it's good to see her evolving, at least in her own way, from the person who previously thought picking out her own outfit was the ultimate act of empowerment:

I think America is going through a liberal movement, and the older, more traditional marriage values are becoming something of the past. Jim and I are one couple who still favor a more traditional marriage rather than a liberal marriage, and because we do, it makes my marriage an interesting conversation topic. However just because we have a more traditional marriage does not mean I do not make my own decisions. As you can see just in this one episode, I chose to wear the dress I wanted, not the dress that was Jim's first choice.

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