Jessica Williams Met J.K. Rowling and Now Calls Her JoJo

Last night, Jessica Williams stopped by The Late Show to promote her upcoming Netflix movie, The Incredible Jessica James, and told Stephen Colbert a charming story about meeting J.K. Rowling, first via Twitter and then in real life. Turns out they share a birthday and they both play the Sims for fun.

Rowling followed her and Williams promptly got “Twitter shy” until the Harry Potter author reached out with a DM to inform her that she’d meant to wish Williams well on their shared birthday but “bloody forgot, which is typical me.” Williams took a week to craft her response, but she now refers to her new buddy as “JoJo” and shared a picture of them together, barefoot. Now that’s what I’d do with my time were I as wealthy as Rowling.

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Lmaooooo Kelly this is actually Jessica Williams (I read Jezzie every day) and this headline is hysterical. I’m screaming. Thanks for watching and sharing this, bb!