Jessica The Domesticated Hippo Mothers Puppies

Jessica is a domesticated hippo who began living with a couple in a South Africa after she washed up on their shore as a baby. Her maternal instincts have recently kicked in, and she's taken to mothering the family's puppies.


Jessica was first featured on a Sky News segment two years ago (which we posted), when she was seven years old. Last night, Animal Planet ran a one-hour special—narrated by John Waters—on her unlikely bond with the couple who have become Jessica's parents. Now that she's nine, Jessica has begun the puberty process, and the many dogs who live on the property, who were once her playmates, have sort of become her children, since her biological clock began ticking.

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Aren't hippos notorious assholes?

Also, this Tony seems to play pretty fast and loose with his puppies. But maybe I'm just being too precious about it- if I had a puppy, I'm pretty sure I'd make it live in those bjorn slings so I could always play with it.