Jessica Seinfeld was on the The View today, and in between bites of "deceptively delicious" food, Barbara Walters asked Seinfeld to elaborate a little on the scandal surrounding her cookbook Deceptively Delicious. Jessica Seinfeld: "I can understand why [Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef] would've been upset. When you have a huge success, people tend to look for the cracks, anything that would break you down a little bit... She did a book with a similar topic earlier, and it must have been hard for her to see how quickly my book took off... Never as a person would I do something like what I was accused of doing [plagarism]. I mean, I really didn't need to do this book." Barbara Walters: "Well, this isn't exactly a family that would have needed this to feed themselves." Jessica Seinfeld: "Well, yeah". [The View]