Jessica Alba likes weiners and she's not afraid to look at glossy pictures of them, she apparently told some GQ writer for the August issue:

Men's magazines have nipples, so why don't women have a magazine where men show their penises? If there was a magazine like that I'd buy it. Nudity's not a big deal to me.


Um, surely Jessica Alba, who once sued Playboy, has heard of Playgirl? But more importantly, why do starlets always come away from interviews with gentlemen's magazines sounding like more culturally literate Bond Girls? At least with porn, the only personality attributes they ever try to ascribe on the jerkoff specimens begin and end with "bisexual."

We're sick of reading profiles in which Scarlett Johansson and Lindsay Lohan sound like they're these awesome empowered articulate hypersexual uberconfident dames when, um, duh, they're 21, so like, what they have going for them can pretty much be summed up as "perky tits." Sayin!


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