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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Turned 'Shake It Off' into a Bubbly Showtune

This weekend was the annual Trevor Project benefit concert and, to honor the occasion, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson performed a prance-y, vibrato laden cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."


"I know what you're thinking: Why is a 39-year-old gay man singing Taylor Swift? It's making me uncomfortable," Ferguson told the crowd. (Author's note: That's not what we're thinking.) "If there's anything I learned from my 1989...I learned to not care what people think. It gave me the courage to be what I wanted to be and right now, I want to be a country-to-pop crossover sensation."

Miss Swifty (if you're nasty) was a fan of the cover, tweeting:



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That was a lot of fun and given how rough my monday is going, it was a needed comedy break. Thanks for sharing :) ETA: I will not be clicking on your colleague's disgusting story cuz i have my limits :)