Jesse James Confirms That He's Still An Asshole

In his first interview post rehab, Jesse James spoke about the perfect life he gave up when he cheated on Sandra Bullock, how his actions have affected his life, and his new love interest, Kat Von D.

When asked how he thought Sandra felt when he moved on so quickly with the TLC reality star, Jesse was honest — and came across as a total prick:

"I can't worry about her anymore... you know? I think I spent a good chuck of the last 5 or 6 years worrying only about her and what she thinks, and what I should do, and [her] controlling all of my movements and everything else... I think it's time to worry about Jesse and making sure Jesse is happy.


In regards to his cheating on Sandra, he says he "knew it was horrible" and that he knew eventually he'd get caught. He goes so far as to say he wanted to get caught, with the reasoning that he was "trying to self-sabotage my life." Oh, okay.

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