Jersey Shore Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is, Filming Next Season In Italy

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TMZ is reporting that the fourth season of the hit MTV reality show will be shot in Italy, with producers scouting locations right now. A "source" says that Vinny's Italian relatives will host the cast for an authentic Guadagnino dinner.

Apparently, two months ago, producers began the process of securing visas for the cast and crew. No work on when filming will commence or how this will affect the new JWoww/Snooki spin off, which begins shooting this weekend.

'Jersey Shore' Cast — We're Goin' to Italy!!! [TMZ]

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I don't watch this show, so can someone tell me how many of them are even of Italian descent? Also, I am part Sicilian, my dad raised me to be proud of my Italian American roots, etc. But....that doesn't mean if I go "home" to Italy that I'm going to have any connection to it or fit in at all. I'm going to be a tourist like the majority of Americans heading over there. So...yeah...don't know how I feel about this concept.