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Jersey Shore Going Hollywood; Beckham's "Nighmare" Evening With Tom & Katie

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Snooki is not. "I'm an East Coast girl," she says. But Ronnie is hoping to go Hollywood as well: "Hopefully, I'll get a comedy career out of this," he says. "Just do something. Ride it out. There's a lot of opportunities out there, you know. I'd like to be a part of them." If these people end up having some kind of showbiz longevity what does it mean for our culture as a whole? [E!]

  • Mandy Moore and her flat flat tummy are on the cover of Shape, and inside, she says: "I need to be more consistent about taking care of myself no matter how busy I am." Apparently she wants to change her eating habits and go on vacation. (That makes two of us.) Mandy claims: "The last time I took a real break was two years ago with my girlfriends in Costa Rica… This year Ryan and I want to go somewhere that's just for us – no work!" [People]
  • Yesterday on The View, when talking to Stanley Tucci about The Lovely Bones, Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked him if his wife had seen the movie. Tucci's wife died last year. [Page Six]
  • In a video at the link, Emily Blunt is completely charming as she talks about Young Victoria. And! She sort of does the "Single Ladies" hand wave! [Pop Wrap]
  • "Here's the cougar who claims she taught Tiger how to be an animal in bed." No thanks! [NY Post]
  • Tiger Woods has "been spending his days in seclusion — eating cereal and watching cartoons." [NY Post]
  • Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren is telling friends that a "divorce is 100% on." [Mirror]
  • Jaimee Grubbs, whom this column refers to as "Tiger's gal," just posed for Maxim. [Page Six]
  • Meanwhile, Tiger Woods' other ladyfriend, Jamie Jungers, has naked pictures of Tiger passed out drunk. Allegedly. [Radar Online]
  • Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce should be final before the end of the year. [Mirror]
  • Kid Cudi is leaving Lady Gaga's tour? Who will open for her now? [Gatecrasher via Billboard]
  • Oliver Stone loved shooting Wall Street 2 in New York so much that he bought a condo downtown. His neighbors? Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. [Page Six]
  • NYC celebrity hotspot the Beatrice Inn closed in April but could reopen in a new location, says owner Paul Sevigny, aka Chloe's brother… According to a source. [Gatecrasher]
  • 2005 ANTM contestant Nik Pace is suing the father of her child — New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards — for child support. [Page Six]
  • Russell Crowe is threatening to sue a guy who wrote a "funny" book about cricket. []
  • Here's video of LaToya Jackson shopping at Target and picking up a Rihanna CD instead of a Chris Brown CD. [TMZ]
  • Mark Salling, aka Puck from Glee, is dating Audrina Patridge and they're "really into each other." [Gatecrasher]
  • The Wayans brothers have a book called 101 Ways To Know You're A Golddigger, and a former assistant says it was his idea, only his book proposal was called You Know You're A Golddigger When…. [NY Daily News]
  • Pamela Anderson is playing the Genie of the Lamp in a UK stage show of Aladdin. A critic says her performance is "crushed by the weight of expectation, limited technique and a truly dazzling lack of effort." [NY Daily News]
  • Ugh: Here, details from the trial of the man who is accused of stalking Ashanti and sending disgusting messages to her cell phone. Ashanti's mom/manager testified that she was "terrified" and: "I'm thinking, in my mind, rape." [NY Post]
  • Country music legend Loretta Lynn was battling the flu but now she "feels great," and is planning on visiting the Bahamas over the holidays. Be well! [AP]
  • "The last time I was at [the restaurant] 21 was when I was 12 and nominated for a Tony for High Society. It was around the same time as the Belmont race and all the women had on big hats and I thought, 'Wow!'" — Golden Globe nominee Anna Kendrick, at a 21 Club luncheon honoring Up in the Air. [Page Six]
  • "It was very important for me to be a mom." — Padma Lakshmi. [Gatecrasher]
  • "It began 17 years ago, and [it's like] the loud sound of an unoccupied radio station or television station … but there is a harder element to it. I think of it as an evil sound. I'm listening to it now. It's like a fuse … SHITCH-ssssssssssssssssss … going on and on and on and on, and you LIVE in the anticipation of the explosion that fuse is crawling toward." — Yikes, William Shatner has tinnitus, a persistent, incurable ringing of the ear. [MSNBC]
  • "We were at dinner once with Tom [Cruise] and Katie [Holmes]… and everyone was like, "Let's start a singing game!" [Singing in public is like my] worst nightmare. I was texting [a nearby] friend, saying 'Please, invite me to your table!'" — David Beckham. [Gatecrasher via Us]

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This gleek is not happy that Mark Salling is dating Audrina Patridge. Why waste all that mohawk-hotness on the least interesting person ever to be on the Hills? Ever. More boring than Whitney on Ambien. For reals.

Regardless, perfect excuse for some Sweet Caroline.