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The father of the gym teacher who punched Jersey Shore's Snooki in the face has some fighting words of his own. "He doesn't understand how that happened," says Dan Ferro. "She was being very aggressive. That's who she is, apparently."


The Daily News interviewed the father of Brad Ferro, the 23-year-old Queens teacher who punched Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in the face at a bar on the New Jersey shore last summer.

The younger Ferro had already been warned to stop drinking, and had swiped Snooki's drink. A local detective is quoted saying, "There was a small verbal confrontation between the two...And with that, he just punched her in the face." But there's a strong "like father, like son," whiff to Ferro's dad's quotes, which are all about blaming everyone but his son.

"A woman who works for them [MTV] instigated my son into doing something very stupid."

"When you get a bunch of people in a situation with alcohol and instigate, someone's going to do something stupid, and that's obviously what MTV wants."

"It's horrible, absolutely, and he feels the same way. He doesn't understand how that happened. She was being very aggressive. That's who she is, apparently."


Brad Ferro was charged with assault, fined $500, and ordered to take anger management classes. His students told the News he had apologized to them this week and used the incident as a lesson on why not to drink too much. He's been suspended from the classroom.

Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi, MTV 'Jersey Shore' Cast Member, Punched By Queens Teacher Brad Ferro: Cops [NYDN]

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