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Jersey Shore: Ain't No Shame In A Little Analingus

Illustration for article titled iJersey Shore/i: Aint No Shame In A Little Analingus

On last night's episode of Jersey Shore, a rumor was circulating in the barber shop about Deena: She likes to toss salads. While MTV willingly showcases violence on the show, the words "tongue," "lick," and even "butt" were bleeped out.

It was difficult at first to make out what the rumor even was, due to all the censoring, but after The Situation made sure to make it an issue at the gym, it finally became clear what they were all talking about: A girl licking a guy's butthole. Deena is adamant that she doesn't toss salads, even posting about it on her Twitter.

Illustration for article titled iJersey Shore/i: Aint No Shame In A Little Analingus

But seriously, what's the big deal? Everyone was acting like it was so gross, and Ew! They're never sharing a drink with Deena again! What is wrong with these people? I can honestly say that if someone doesn't like getting their butt licked, then they are dead inside. And I don't want to hear that baloney that guys who like getting their butts licked are "gay." The Situation was literally getting his eyebrows waxed while this conversation about analingus was first brought up. The lines regarding appropriate behavior for straight men at the Jersey shore was crossed about 800 Ed Hardy rhinestones ago. And besides, if it's good enough for 2 Live Crew, it's good enough for anybody, really.

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If your immediate reaction is "ew, butts are gross," I have only one thing to say to you:

Moist towelettes, motherfucker.