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Jerry Sandusky's Charity Apparently Wasn't Shut Down Until Today

Illustration for article titled Jerry Sanduskys Charity Apparently Wasnt Shut Down Until Today

Today in news that you could have sworn should have already happened: The Second Mile, disgraced former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky's charity that he allegedly used as a totally fucked up matchmaking service to meet potential victims, is finally closing its doors.


The Pennsylvania-based charity froze operations and began a six-month long internal review after allegations of Sandusky's misconduct broke, and today announced that the only further action they could feasibly take was to dissolve. Which, uh, duh. How did this conclusion take six months to reach? Shouldn't it have taken about six days?

Because the Second Mile's been in existence for over 30 years, and because it still apparently serves the sort of youth that should have been protected from people like Jerry Sandusky, it is currently seeking court permission to transfer its programs and $36 million in assets to another charity, Texas' Arrow Child & Family Ministries Inc.


Sandusky's trial begins next month. Get ready for some super depressing court updates.


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I don't think it's surprising it took them six months to decide how to handle things. This charity has $36 million in assets, perhaps some employees, and is responsible for a number of programs that sound like they have value. Doesn't it make sense that people would need to stop and think about how to transition services, if some programs should be discontinued, and which organizations can take over its responsibilities when it disbands? It doesn't sound like "go on as before" was ever an option, just that they had to consider all the reasonable ways of responding.