Jeremy Jordan Nails Celine Dion Cover So Hard It's Clinically Dead Now

If you aren't yet familiar with Jeremy Jordan (singer, actor, Anna Kendrick's movie partner in an upcoming movie musical), you're about to fall in love because he sings Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me" and does it such justice that Dion is seconds from calling her version the cover.

The main difference between this and whatever Dion does (and I love everything she does) is that Jordan's cover is not only powerful and beautifully sung (although he could have held some notes a little better), but it's flirty and self-aware and kind of wants to make you melt into his arms and make him remember everything like it was before.


Also, did anyone else originally think this was a song about memory loss brought about by traumatic brain injury or was I just a really weird kid?

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