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Jeremiah Wright: Still The Least Of Our Problems, But Our Problems Kind Of Suck

Illustration for article titled Jeremiah Wright: Still The Least Of Our Problems, But Our Problems Kind Of Suck
  • "He's obviously a well-educated, sincere man who has done good work in building Trinity United Church of Christ. But, to borrow a phrase that Wright might have used in one of his sermons, his rant at the Press Club demonstrates, that he is also a damn fool." [TheRoot]
  • Surely I wasn't the only one who detected some philosophical ideological undertones to the Lauren Conrad-Heidi Montag feud, but both actually turn out to support bombing Iran. [NY Mag]
  • Perhaps because Iran recently condemned Barbie dolls. [NYT]
  • The Fed's bailout of Bear Stearns is the "worst policy mistake of the generation." Well, I mean, we pointed that out already, but when a former Fed head of monetary affairs says so it's apparently "news." [WSJ]
  • It was a real delusion. It was like [former New York Gov. Eliot] Spitzer: "I am doing something dangerous, but because of who I am, and how smart I am, it is not going to come back to haunt me." -89-year-old financial manager and historian Peter Bernstein. [WSJ]
  • And now we've got 18.6 million vacant homes on our hands! [Wonkette]
  • Congratulations, Daniel Pipes. What a marvelous job you've done fearmongering and mobilizing public sentiment against a champion of pluralism and cultural understanding. I am sooooo glad we have you around to prevent our children from learning foreign languages. [NYT]
  • An elite Korean boarding school recently turned off the surveillance cameras it was using to ensure students didn't fall asleep during late-night study sessions. [NYT]
  • Two North Korean refugees in South Korea poured paint thinner on themselves and tried to set themselves on fire at the Olympic torch relay on Sunday to draw attention to China's inhumane policy of sending North Korean refugees like themselves back to North Korea, and Chinese students threw rocks and bottles and pipes at them in retaliation. [NYT]
  • And speaking of the Democratic People's Republic a a 28-year-old military officer just defected to the South. [ NYT]
  • An express train derailed and crashed just southeast of Beijing, killing 70 people. [NYT]

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Reverend Wright isn't hurting Obama. The right wing mainstream media is hurting Obama.