Jennifer Weiner (Yes, That Jennifer Weiner) Is Here and Taking Your Questions

Jennifer Weiner is the mega-bestselling author of Good in Bed, In Her Shoes (which was later made into a movie starring Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz), Then Came You, The Next Best Thing and, oh, a gazillion other excellent novels. But you probably know that. And if you're a fan, you also probably know that she's an outspoken critic of the book industry's boys' club and the "chick lit" label. Jennifer Weiner is, for lack of more eloquent phrasing, the shit. And she's here. On Jezebel. To talk to you.


Yes, indeed! Jennifer Weiner is in the comments, ready and waiting to talk to you about pretty much anything. Writing, sexism, The Bachelor (she's a dedicated live-tweeter), the joys of red wine — she's open for whatever you've got. Start asking your questions now; she'll be at 2pm EDT to start tackling the issues, burning or otherwise.

Jen's over and out. Thanks to everyone for submitting great questions, and thanks to Jen for spending some time with us.

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