Jennifer Lopez On The Twins: "They're Going To Love Everybody More Than Me!"

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  • A very interesting interview with Jennifer Lopez reveals that she does not breast-feed, had a nervous breakdown after the birth of her kids and she's sort of into Scientology. And she sounds like a control freak. Then there's this quote: "At the tenth day after giving birth all that chemical stuff did peak—that hormone thing—and I did cry a lot that day because I was having so much trouble moving. I couldn’t get up fast enough to feed the babies…Marc was helping out a lot and I was crying and crying and going, 'Oh, Papi...they’re going to know everybody more than me…They're going to love everybody more than me!'" [The Daily Beast]
  • Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner: Splitsville. [TMZ]
  • How much would you pay to hit Michael Lohan in the face? Get your chance at a charity boxing match in Long Island. [Yahoo News]
  • Yay! Tina Fey has signed a $5 million book deal for a work of nonfiction humor. [Reuters]
  • Sarah Palin. On Saturday Night Live. Maybe. [MSNBC]
  • Nicole Kidman tells Elle magazine that she has no regrets and would marry Tom Cruise again: "[He] taught me an enormous amount — as a girl into a woman." How delightful…ly creepy. [LA Times]
  • Nicole tells Elle that being a mom at a later age "is a more painful love. It's almost like my heart is stretching." Then again she could be talking about her face on that cover. [People]
  • Kate Moss and Jamie Hince: Back on. [Mirror]
  • Victoria Beckham's skin looks great because she gets facial treatments that use a paste made from nightingale droppings. David uses bird poo too. [Daily Mail]
  • "Brooklyn just loves The Beatles. Can't get him to listen to any of my records, though!" — Posh. [Page Six]
  • As mentioned before, David Duchovny is out of sex rehab and back home, where he can watch his TV show about a guy who has an insatiable appetite for chicks. [People]
  • Amy Winehouse is considered suicidal and her friends and family are watching her 24 hours a day. This editor suggests that Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, should stay with Amy, since he was such a stabilizing force on Brit. [LA Times]
  • Rachel Zoe, lying about her age? Ha! Jo Piazza of the NY Daily News says: "Zoe has been ranting on her new show that she's so anal (and annoying?) because she's a triple Virgo. In astrology terms, that means she was born in the sign of Virgo, her rising sign is a Virgo, and her moon sign is a Virgo. Well, our experts say that isn't possible if Zoe is 37 and was born on Sept. 1, 1971, as she claims. In fact, says our pro, she'd actually be five to 10 years older than that if she were indeed a Triple-V." [NY Daily News, Perez Hilton]
  • See Britney pretend to be a waitress on the set of her new video! [Socialite Life]
  • Jennifer Aniston's pup needs therapy, and gets Reiki and acupuncture treatments at $350 a week. A dog's life is ruff. [Perez Hilton]
  • The fifth season of Project Runway ends October 15, but how long before season six? Filming is almost complete. It was supposed to air in January, but the court proceedings may cause it to be delayed. But being on the air in January means the finale can be at Fashion Week in February; otherwise the contestants would have to wait until next September. And what about fans? "I think they're going to be sad if they have to wait," says Heidi Klum. "And, of course, we will be sad too. But we're all sitting in the same boat. We don't really know what is going to happen." [LA Times]
  • A while back, Charlize Theron did an interview with MTV and questioned why The Hills is so big, since "it's about nothing." Recently, Spencer and Heidi fired back: Spencer says, "Reindeer Games, that was about what? I think she’s about 65 or something. She’s been in the game for like 100 years." [ONTD]
  • Oh, and the rumor that Lauren Conrad hooked up with Justin Bobby seems to have been started by Spencer Pratt, though he denies it and also says, "Why LC continues to bring me up whenever she gets into trouble is beyond me." [MollyGood]
  • Get ready to hear more about this crap than you want to: Us is supposedly putting the feud between Lauren and Audrina on the cover. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kylie Minogue's new man is HOT. He's a model named Andres Velencoso and you can see him shirtless on the runway in a swimsuit if you click. [The Sun]
  • Khloe Kardashian says Kim is relieved to be off of Dancing With The Stars because the judges were "harsh" on her. She also says Kim is "brutally shy." LOL. [People]
  • Anne Hathaway has landed a part in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland: She'll play the White Queen. Helena Bonham Carter is the Red Queen. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Pixie Geldof got a tattoo of her late mom's signature on her wrist. [Mirror]
  • Matthew Broderick will return to Broadway in the spring in a revival called The Philanthropist. [AP]
  • Dermot Mulroney is a dad again: Less than a year after his divorce from Catherine Keener, he and his new girlfriend, Thairta, baptized their seven-month-old daughter at San Pietro's Church in Roccascalegna, Italy. Dermot and Catherine have a son named Clyde, who was born in 1999. [Star]
  • Mary Louise Parker wished her parents would adopt a sibling for her when she was growing up, and when she adopted her daughter from Africa last year, it was a dream come true. "I still think it's something everyone should do if they can and want to," she says. [People]
  • Leo DiCaprio: Not getting married any time soon. [People]
  • As previously reported, Bull Durham 2 is in the works. More info here. [UPI]
  • Diddy and his twins are on the cover of Baby Couture magazine. You know, the one that says, "We put the 'coo' in couture." There appear to be 2 covers; one with Daddy Diddy and one with Baby Mama Kim Porter. Collect 'em both! [The.Life Files]
  • Cher had to cancel shows in Vegas due to asthma-related bronchitis. Be well! [Perez Hilton]
  • Breast cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John has a new CD, which helps raise money for a cancer wellness center in Australia. [CBS News]
  • Rosetta Getty threw a giant birthday party at her L.A. home and Liv Tyler, Eva Mendes, Selma Blair and Rosanna and Patricia Arquette partied til the wee hours. Not there: Rosetta's husband Balthazar and his girlfriend Sienna Miller. [WWD]
  • R. Kelly won a $3.4 million judgment against a former tour promoter. You can get really good lawyers with that kind of cash. [AP]
  • Michael Douglas will get the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Awards next summer, 18 years after his dad got one. Despite his youthful face, Michael Douglas is 64. [Daily Express]
  • Was Evel Knievel involved in a series of beatings? The FBI alleged he was connected to a "crime syndicate." [Breitbart/AP]
  • Meat Loaf was rushed to the hospital last night after a "vertigo attack." [Mirror]
  • "Brenda was realistic. She was normal. Not many 16-year-olds are so morally correct, you know? She had her moments where she was a great girl, and her moments where she was a bitch and you wanted to kill her, times when she was completely peaceful and times where she would bitch-slap Dylan in the face and never talk to Kelly again. She had those extremes." — Shannen Doherty. [Radar]
  • "Really wonderful things are happening now. It looks like things are looking up again." — Lynne Spears. [People]
  • "Between my wife and myself, I'm the pushover as far as the kids are concerned. I wouldn't call myself strict." — Russell Crowe. [People]
  • "My priorities have changed so much. I've been single for months now and I've turned my attention toward my passions, my friends, and the causes I believe in. It's been about learning who I am, not through a man, but for myself. I've had a couple fun, frolicky relationships, but really, I got out of a five-year relationship and I dated a few people here and there. I've been spending time with my friends and doing more traveling with the U.N. and challenging myself at work." — Drew Barrymore. [People]
  • "I was at a function, and a bunch of political types were there. And John McCain was there. He came up to say hello, I said, 'Look, don't even ask it. I will not be your vice president. I have to be on the top of the ticket.' Most of the time - (from Bill Clinton's former vice president) Al Gore, going back - you saw the vice president very little. That would be the least appealing job, I think." — Clint Eastwood. [Daily Express]
  • "Sarah Palin can't come to my party. Sarah Palin can't come to my show." — Madonna, during her concert. [TMZ]


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