Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman Get Lusty on Close-Up Latina Cover

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Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman cover Latina's February 2015 issue to promote The Boy Next Door, a 2015 film about a woman who falls for a younger man who eventually reveals himself to be a maniacal stalker. Fun!

The first outtakes from the story are about the film, which is emitting heavy Lifetime Movie Network vapors but will probably do well with those of us feeling nostalgia for J.Lo's late-'90s/early '00s work. (Which is to say: it looks a little bit like Enough.) Guzman gives the standard Hollywood quote about how their sex scene may have looked hot, it was actually hella awkward: "I know it looks like we're in the moment and feeling each other out," says Guzman, "but actually — and this is kind of embarrassing—[director] Rob Cohen was like, 'Move your hand to the left,' and 'Can you arch your back a little bit?' It was the most unsexy-really-sexy scene that you'll see on screen."

There are also more outtakes that get a little juicier, including Guzman opening up like new stars do (he's been on Pretty Little Liars and shares J.Lo's dance background as a vet of Step Up: Revolution and Step Up All In [new Channing Tatum?]). "I remember my 'sex talk!' Oh my god, that was the most uncomfortable talk I've ever had with my dad," Guzman told Latina. I think it was like in 8th grade, and you know, I was starting to have a couple of girlfriends. So, he sat me down at a diner and talked about the birds and the bees. He just told me, 'Look, you have to be safe, man. You never know what's going to happen. You don't want to start a family out of nothing. If there's no love, it's going to be detrimental to the kid.' I took that to heart." Mensch.


From in-book, here are Lopez and Guzman doing some kind of Iberian fantasy pose, with J.Lo looking very Dolce & Gabbana (credits unlisted on these outtakes).

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Appropriately for this photograph, Lopez mused on the 20th anniversary of the death of Tejano music icon Selena, whose biopic was Lopez's 1997 breakout role: "It's so crazy that it's been 20 years," said Lopez. "I saw a picture of her yesterday — her and Chris. And I was like, 'Gosh, they were 23. That's so crazy.' It was obviously a great role that I was privileged enough to be able to play. It was my first leading role, and so it made people see me in a different way. It was a blessing to get to know her. She taught me so much while I was doing the film by her example of how she balanced family, and being a touring act and a singer and an entertainer and still following her heart. So many things about her stay with me until this day."

Here's a dramatic behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot, as well as the full cover:

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Go here for more photo outtakes and quotes. This issue of Latina hits stands January 6. The Boy Next Door drops January 23, get excited.

Images via Latina.

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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!

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