Jennifer Lawrence To (Probably) Star In Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence appears to be the front runner for Katniss Everdeen in Lionsgate's The Hunger Games, the first installment of the novel trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Sorry, Hailee.


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I suspect the casting people have an embarrassment of riches while deciding who to cast as Katniss. Many excellent actresses have apparently cleared their calendars for this project hoping its theirs.

The larger problem is who to cast for Peeta and Gale, and that may have propelled (if it has happened) the casting of Jennifer Lawrence. The producers need a cast that will function well together. Hailee Steinfeld has proven she is a superb actress, but they wouldn’t cast her until they can nail down the male leads. Is there a pair of 14-17 year old actors (staying close to Hailee’s age) who can do those roles justice? Mmmm…… And I don’t think you’d want to see her with some 20-year old who’s playing younger. (Alex Pettyfer, please go away and stop making horrible movies.)

I finished Mockingjay several days ago. The director will have to be a genius to stay true to the books and keep the movie PG-13, as they’ve said they will.

Can’t wait.