Jennifer Hudson Paid Tribute to Prince With a Rendition of 'Purple Rain' and Also I'm Sobbing

After a Thursday night performance of the Broadway musical The Color Purple, actual goddess Jennifer Hudson decided to pay tribute to rock icon Prince, who passed away earlier today, with a cover of one of the musician’s most indelible hits. Also, yes, I’m crying right now, it’s very ugly and shiny and red on my face.


Following curtain call, the diva took to the stage to tell the audience about her own experience with the performer, whose body was found in his Paisley Park estate on Thursday morning.

As Hudson recounted:

“Not too long ago, [Prince] called me while we were here and asked me to come out to this event because he was writing his book and he told me you can bring your cast members along. We were honored to be in his presence one last time and we got to have that moment.

He said his music will live on and he will live through his music so we want to keep him alive today with this song.”

Hi, also, do you need tissues? It’s okay, go get some TP if you don’t have them, I too have no shame. I’m here for you.

The singer proceeded to belt out a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain,” which was originally released in 1984. She was accompanied by fellow cast member and lauded actress Cynthia Erivo, who co-stars with Hudson in The Color Purple as Celie. Eventually, both the entire cast and the audience joined in.

Aight, I’m off to cry now and listen to “When Doves Cry” on repeat, shalom yinz guys.

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The past couple months have been horrid.
My mom died in December.
My grandfather died this week almost 4 months to the day.
His will be my 4th Funeral in 6 months. 2 of which were for women under the age of 30.
I just really need things to slow down. I’m barely holding it together.