Jennifer Hudson on Her Tonys Snub: 'I Was Used For My Celebrity. Not My Talent'

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Nominations for the Tony Awards, the Tony Awards of awards shows, were announced Tuesday morning, and boy is everyone the theatre world, the theatre world of worlds, in a tizzy over Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton breaking the record for number given to a single production. But beyond that news, the second-most exciting thing to come out of Tuesday’s nominations was a tweet by someone who didn’t receive one.

Jennifer Hudson, Oscar winning actress and singer, received exactly zero nominations for her work as Shug Avery in The Color Purple, and an unscientific polling of my coworkers who have seen the revival (and who praised Hudson’s performance) appears to confirm the fact that her exclusion from the list of nominees does, in fact, count as a snub. Publications like Variety, AM New York, and Gossip Cop agree. So does Jennifer Hudson.

In a since-deleted tweet, Vulture reports Hudson responded to a fan who called out her snub, writing:

My presence was used for my celebrity, not my talent. I’m not surprised.

In other words, Hudson believes she was cast exclusively so the hordes of zombie families roaming Times Square would recognize a name on the poster and happily drop a grand for a wad of tickets to fill time on a Sunday afternoon after realizing it’s impossible to see Hamilton.


That’s the real lullaby of Broadway, folks! [Hold for applause.]

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Now that’s the lullaby of Broadway!

Oh my god, that song is going to be stuck in my head for days. Thanks, Bobby!