It's official: Rachel Zoe has totally won me over. I think this is the first time in the history of reality shows that putting yourself out there can actually change people's perception of you for the better. (Other than the first season of The Osbournes.) And say what you want about Zoe, but the woman knows her shit. The fact that big-time celebs were willing to be interviewed for her dinky reality show to laud her taste and sense of humor is a testament to how well-liked she must be. Last night's finale of The Rachel Zoe Project showed the pinnacle of her work year — the Oscars. Her first client, Jennifer Garner — whom I can't remember ever seeing on "Worst Dressed" lists — was set to present at the awards, so her outfit was extra important. In the clip above, Jennifer gives a funny description of what Oscar day is like.


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Jen Garner is adorable, and I have to admit Rachel Zoe doesn't really bother me much any more now that this show has come on. While I typically hate what she dresses herself in, Zoe clearly has a knack at dressing people up and getting the whole vision of a look down.