Two years ago it was 50 Cent. This summer, the Glacéau beverage company has made an honest woman of Jennifer Aniston. Yup, following months — if not years — of slutting around L.A. with bottles of the company's "smartwater" in her hand (and exactly one week after Coca-Cola bought the company for $4.1 billion), Jennifer has sold out for real and is becoming both a spokeswoman for and investor in the brand. She's also reported to be creating a "limited-edition" version of the electrolyte-loaded beverage, which will be available in stores this summer and, we assume, will be flavored. (But how?) Anyway, after the jump, check out a gallery of Jennifer and new BFF.

[Clockwise from top left, images via: Flynet (May 28); Splash (April 9, Oct. 18, 2006, April 9)]

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