Jenna Bush gave a somewhat retarded answer to the reader-submitted question, ""If the war in Iraq is so noble, why aren't you and your sister serving our country there?" in TIME Magazine, and Huffington Post blogger Robert Ellsberg decided to go a little mass-destruction on her ass in an interesting column about how Elliott Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson son-in-law Chuck Robb enlisted during wartime. (Wait, is that really all? And does that mean there has to be a draft on to guilt these guys into serving??) Also, if Jenna ever referred to invading Iraq "noble" we will totally back down from our "Hey, don't necessarily judge children on the unspeakably inane viewpoints of their fathers" position. But otherwise, while "impractical" was a stupid word to describe the insane security precautions the military would have to take to protect Drunky Jr. — seriously, "practical" is not how this war is costing us a quarter billion dollars a day — it's hard not to think that if a random pundit has this much bile in reserve for the unwitting spawn of America's worst president, that Jenna would be a pretty big target in a starving anarchic country that has lost million of its people in the whole deal. [Huffington Post]