Random thoughts while watching Jenna Bush call her dad on Ellen this morning... There haven't been a lot of great celebrities on morning talk shows lately because of the writer's strike...Jenna Bush probably doesn't know about the writer's strike because despite being a writer she explains she doesn't "read anything"...George W. Bush was totally kind of handsome in those days he was getting high all the time; did he get reverse cokeface?...Oh, Ellen makes her call the President on the phone. "What if they're in bed??" Jenna wonders. "It's only 7:30!" ...in bed at 7:30 is totally where you'd be if your name was George W. Bush... Laura hands the phone off so quickly that's gotta be where they are...why, oh why, whywhywhy is that man our President...Jenna doesn't know. Having a dad as prez she'd never go into politics. She seems so shook up by it we kind of want Chelsea to quit being a partisan bitch and call her already. "I begged her to call me." But she did not!

Oooooooh, there she is, happy happy happy, swinging around w. the little Latin childs! What she learned from the seventeen year old HIV-infected abuse victim orphan single mother she wrote that book about: "Whenever I would ask her a negative question, she would just change the subject."