Can you imagine working on Teen Mom 2 and having to write: "I'm not supposed to be smoking weed because I have court in a few weeks" for a 19-year-old's voice over about her own life? It must be so awkward handing the script to her, but probably even weirder for her to be like, "Yeah, that sounds about right." On last night's episode, we saw Jenelle dealing with marijuana withdrawal, something she was very open with her mother Barbara about when she screamed, "I like to smoke about this time of the day, and all this shit is keeping me to where I can't go do it." And then she left to go get high, leading her mother to ask, "Jenelle, yuh strung out on weeeed!?"


Jenelle was arrested on Monday—making that the second arrest in a week—this time for violating a no contact order for allegedly making harassing phone calls to her former roommate Hannah Inman and posting a link to naked pictures of Inman on Facebook. She's building up quite a nice collection of mug shots.

As far as the other story lines on the show, I couldn't help but think how pissed off Judge Judy would be at Jo's assertion that paying child support isn't "fair." He thinks that having to pay Kailyn $489 is entirely too much. As though that's enough money for her to be living high on the hog. It works out to about $15.75 a day. Who can even raise a kid on that? He's disgusting.