Jeff Goldblum Poses for Couple's Dinosaur Chase-Themed Wedding Photo

Jeff Goldblum posed for one of the most epic, hilarious wedding photos of all time, in a perfect hat tip to his Jurassic Park role.

Shared on Reddit's r/pics forum in a post called "When Jeff Goldblum Is a Guest at Your Wedding," the picture by Adam Biesenthal features the Jurassic Park actor running from a T-Rex with a wedding party. To appease the "IT'S FAKE/LOOKS 'SHOPPED" crowd, here is an explanation by Huffington Post from the photographer. Yes, the T-Rex is fake, no the Goldblum is not:

Adam Biesenthal — the photographer behind the shot — told The Huffington Post that Goldblum attended the wedding of Pamela and Jesse Sargent in Toronto this weekend, along with his fiancée Emilie Livingston, who is a friend of the bride.

Of course, when it came time to do the classic "run away from a T-rex wedding shot," who better to have in the pic than Dr. Ian Malcolm himself?


Here's a close up of Goldblum in the photo:


This is awesome, and with all things Goldblum-related, I of course love it. But iIf Jeff Goldblum were to come to my wedding, I don't think I would go the dinosaur route. I think I would have him pose as the fly that rudely harassed me in my office this week.

Image via Adam Biesenthal.

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