It's a great time to be Jeff Goldblum. You get to pose for great wedding photos and get married and do Reddit AMAs and what else has he done in the past six months that just seems fun? Oh right, pose in an amazing spread for GQ magazine.


As part of the September issue of the publication (he did not make the cover – for shame GQ!), Goldblum posed in a series of amazing photos and said a series of amazing things. He's so Jeff Goldblum-amazing that author Lauren Bans had to acknowledge it, writing, "Jeff Goldblum, it turns out, is the most Jeff Goldblum-y person on the planet."

How so? Well, Jeff Goldblum is very healthy.

He loves being in good cardiovascular health: "It's the little things—taking the stairs, parking the car far away—that count."

Jeff Goldblum doesn't want kids but he's still willing to joke about it (*wink wink*):

This fixation with baby names begs the question: Is Jeff Goldblum thinking about having a little Goldblum? Twice divorced, he currently lives with his 31-year-old gymnast fiancée, Emilie.

"No," he says, but then his eye twinkles again. "But, you know, they are cute, aren't they?"


More on Jeff Goldblum's dog:

The closest Jeff Goldblum has to a baby at the moment is an 11-month-old red-haired poodle named Woody Allen Goldblum.


Also this:


Yeah, being Jeff Goldblum sounds great.

Images via Peggy Sirota/GQ