Jeb Bush Hire Resigns After Racist and Sexist Comments Are Revealed

Earlier this week, multiple outlets reported on the past antics of one Ethan Czahor, new Chief Technology Officer for a Super Pac for Jeb Bush, a candidate for president who badly needs a Chief Technology Officer. Czahor, the founder of, has resigned from that post already, after tweets he sent out about slutty girls and gays, plus controversial writings about race, were revealed.


After Czahor's appointment to Jeb Bush's Right to Rise was announced by Time Monday, some of his most creative work started disappearing. As reported by BuzzFeed, comments on Twitter that are no more included:

new study confirms old belief: college female art majors are sluts, science majors are also sluts but uglier

most people don't know that "halloween" is German for "night that girls with low self-esteem dress like sluts"

when i burp in the gym i feel like it's my way of saying, "sorry guys, but i'm not gay"


When news of the deletions broke, a Bush spokesman said the campaign had requested he remove them. Czahor then tweeted:


But on Tuesday, the Huffington Post reported that Czahor had also made comments about race while hosting a radio show in college, like these about Martin Luther King Jr.:

First of all, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a well-dressed, extremely well-spoken man; he didn't have his pants sagged to his ankles, and he wasn't delivering his speech in "jibberish" or "slang" (ie. he wasn't speaking like a rapper). He understood that looking respectable and speaking clearly and concisely isn't a trait of white men — it's a trait of intelligent men.


As the Daily Intel notes, this was the final straw. Right to Rise said, "While Ethan has apologized for regrettable and insensitive comments, they do not reflect the views of Governor Bush or his organization and it is appropriate for him to step aside."


Literally no one is deterred by your idiocy man, but sure. Make it about you.

Ethan Czahor's non-boss Jeb Bush. Image via AP

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