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Jeans For All Mankind?

Illustration for article titled Jeans For All Mankind?

High-end J Brand Jeans have introduced J Brand Blue Label, with "a more generous cut in the leg and contoured waistbands to fit curvier girls." Don't really understand why J Brand can't just make a jean that flatters curves rather than ghetto-izing...but, progress? [Fashionista]


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@KarmaChameleon: Gap Reverse Long, baby. Go to the counter and demand that they find you a pair in your size. Threaten (nicely) to not go away until they do.

@communistspy is spying: Sadie addressed her word choice, referring to ID-ing an "out of mainstream" market but not mainstreaming it. Def poor word choice (esp in context of ladies buying jeans - always a sensitive topic, and especially this election season :D). I don't think it was an intended slight.