Watch Jay Z's 'Picasso Baby' Performance Art-Slash-Music Video

The performance video for "Picasso Baby" is out, and it doesn't disappoint. Among the people at whom Jay Z raps are Judd Apatow, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke, Jenna Lyons, Michael K. Williams, Rosie Perez, a smirky Alan Cumming, and, most notably, the performance artist Marina Abramović.


Director Mark Rominek had been inspired by Abramović's piece "The Artist Is Present," and pitched a version of the idea to Jay Z, who loved it. In the most remarkable of the bunch of one-on-one performances, she showed up to give her blessing.

If the video doesn't satiate, here are some Vines.

[via Gothamist]

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This actually looks like it was super awesome and fun and cool. I was totally hating on it before but now I'm just jealous I wasn't there.

I also love how the badass lady in white threw him off. Ha!