Jay-Z's old friend De-Haven Irby spoke to New York Magazine today, and yeah Henry Hyde died and more appealing Judi Giuliani news emerged today, fuck it; Jay-Z's friend is quite frankly the most interesting thing on the internet. De-Heaven, along with assorted other Jigga-associates from back in the Marcy Projects days, accuses Jay-Z of appropriating aspects of his life into his lyrics and selling them as his own. Before De-Haven started hanging out with Hov, you see, "he was hanging out with some 'school' guys. Nerds!" De-Haven was the one who introduced him to the thug life, although Jay-Z was mostly an observing body; specifically, he didn't have an "affiliation" with a person named "Spanish Jose" whom he mentions in some of his songs. Nevertheless, the two were close.

Whatever was mine was his. So, we shared clothes, we shared a whole bunch of stuff. We had sex with the same women plenty of times. We both got burnt! We had the drip. My mom took him to the clinic.


Aw! Nothing brings friends together faster than a shared STD.

Anyway then they moved to Trenton. And that's when Jay-Z started fooling around a bit in the recording studio and De-Haven started funding his music with his drug sales. Eventually they drifted apart, and anyway, now De-Haven is doing YouTube videos and Jay-Z is telling Charlie Rose he wishes he'd stopped fooling around with drug dealers and applied himself to his writing earlier.


Former Jay-Z Associate De-Haven Tells His Side [Vulture]


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