Japanese 'Zoo Jeans' Are Ripped and Distressed by Actual Lions

WELL HERE IS A SITUATION. I can't tell how much of this is real and how much is just a viral publicity stunt (it's both, I guess), but apparently someone wrapped a bunch of balls and tires in denim and then threw them into zoo enclosures to be gnawed and shredded by lions, tigers, and bears, and then took that denim and made at least three pairs of jeans out of them. The tag reads, "Designed by lions."

And now you can buy those three pairs at auction—two "lion models" and one "tiger model" are available. Proceeds go to benefit the Kamine Zoo's renovation efforts as well as the World Wildlife Fund.


Via AdWeek:

Mithun Romandani, a men's buyer at swanky London department store Selfridges, told the Guardian that he was unimpressed with the results because "the rips are too sporadic" and they "don't look natural." Hey dude, tell that to the lions. (I wouldn't be so quick to give a bad review to an artiste that can sever your spine with a single chomp.)

Man, that guy has no vision. I'm sure our great-grandchildren will look back on us and say, "Did you know that, in olden times, nobody EVER soaked their pants in hot bear saliva before wearing them?!?!" Come on, dude, stop embarrassing me in front of the future-people.

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