Japanese Tiger Is Psyched About Toilet Training

Leave it to the Japanese to make a simultaneously adorable and creepy cartoon about pooping (see also: Everyone Poops). The video above — seen today on parenting blog Babble — shows a little tiger named Shimjiro. His tigerents are trying to potty train him, and is he ever excited about weeing in the toilet! I'd probably be super psyched about my excretions, too, if they came out in little animated droplets and exclaimed "Yahoo!!!" on a regular basis. Anyway, the video is supposed to help toilet-train human children, and at the end of the video there's a real live kid atop a toilet that is equipped with a handrail (WTF is that rail for? Extra leverage?). While the animated portion of the video is amusing, sensitive readers may want to wait until after lunch, as the kid's semi-realistic poop-pushing groans are fairly disturbing.


[YouTube via Babble]

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