We understand swearing off dating after a particularly bad breakup, but this is taking it a little far! Reuters has a video report up about the increasing number of Japanese men who forgo dating real women and take up with "love dolls". One 45-year old engineer, Ta-Bo, has dozens upon dozens of dolls, many of which are carefully arranged on his living room sofa patiently awaiting his return from work. (He says "hi" to them when he walks in!) Ta-Bo has spent over $170,000 on his collection (dolls can cost as much as $6,000 each) and owns dolls with various haircolors and facial features (some even have, eh, anime eyes!). Explains Ta-Bo:

A human girl can cheat on you or betray you sometimes but these dolls never do those things. They belong to me one-hundred percent.

Well, we guess love is love right? And on another positive note, at least Japanese men like Ta-Bo aren't buying comfort women from China anymore!
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