Japanese High School Girls Spend Up to 15 Hours a Day On Their Phones

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If someone's ever accused you of being addicted to your mobile phone, print out this post and put it in your wallet so that you can let them know that no matter how much time you spend on your phone, if you're not on it for 15 hours a day, you're doing fine.


Yahoo reports that a new survey of Japanese teenagers has revealed that high school girls put in seven to fifteen hours a day on their phones and high school boys put in a respectable four hours a day on their mobile devices. This poll, which surveyed 618 children, comes at a time when phone addiction is becoming a growing concern. If this same study were conducted in the United States, it wouldn't be surprising if both children and adults were on their phone for hours at a time. And as mobile gets better and better, the rates of "phone addiction" are likely just going to get worse.

According to Yahoo, the most popular activities for Japanese high schoolers are social networking and games, followed by taking photos and making videos. It would be interesting to consider whether the response to the use of mobile technology would be the same if high schoolers were using it for something like the Kindle app, but what's really impressive/scary is how these kids even find the time. When do you nap, high schoolers? When do you sleep?

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I thought Japanese students had insane amounts of homework and that's why they're so much smarter than American students. Is this just a myth? How can you attend school, spend 10 hours on your phone, and do hours of homework every night?