One of New York's top immigration officials is suing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for creating a "female-run 'frat house'" (apparently sorority sisters aren't aggressive enough?) by promoting female friends, one of whom allegedly sexually harassed male staffers.

James Hayes, a special agent in charge of New York City Investigations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, says Napolitano promoted Dora Schriro, the current head of Washington DC's Department of Correction, instead of himself, the better candidate. (According to him, at least.) Schriro previously served as director of the Arizona Department of Corrections under Napolitano. Also, certain news publications like to insinuate that Napolitano and Schriro were lovers, because some people are homophobes.


But the more scandalous allegations concern Suzanne Barr, the chief of staff for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The suit accuses Barr of moving "the entire contents of the offices of three employees, including name plates, computers and telephones, to the men's bathroom at ICE headquarters," as well as stealing a male staffer's BlackBerry and texting his female supervisor to tell her he "had a crush on [her] and fantasized about her." Uh, maybe Mean Girls would've been a more appropriate metaphor? Hayes also says Barr screamed at a male colleague using "sexually humiliating language" and once asked a male ICE agent to have oral sex with her.

ICE Director of Public Affairs Brian Hale wouldn't comment on the suit and a Department of Correction spokesman has denied claims that Schriro was promoted for unfair reasons. Haye's allegations are bizarre, but seem too detailed to be completely false; it'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

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