So what's become of that subscription offer on the Jane website now that Jane is officially dead? An invitation to subscribe to Glamour, a "dorky" reader tips us. How dorky?

I am dorky enough to have gone to one of the "dinners with Jane!" things at their offices just when Brandon [Holley] took over.

Oooh, tell us more! Well for starters, the food was not exactly awesome..

When I got the invite, I assumed we'd be going out to dinner. Instead I arrived at their messy office and was offered shitty pizza and my choice of canned soda. There were as many Jane staffers as there were dinner attendees, and they hovered around us not eating and looking freaked out. Then they asked us for story ideas for about an hour. Brandon came in trying to look in touch and cool but she looked old-ish and uncool.


Ouch! Good thing no one but Intern Maria ever sees what we actually look like!

All the readers who turned up were big dorks and blog-obsessed. I think this was the first of these "dinners" - could this have been where things went wrong? It seemed to me they got that we all love celebrity gossip but what they didn't get was that no one wants to read month old celebrity gossip. The funniest thing was about a week later I got an email from a Jane staffer asking me for info on the location of some all boys ranch college thing-y that another girl at the dinner had mentioned. She thought I had suggested a story about it, and was asking me further details about its location. A Google search of about three words would have turned up the same info. Excellent reporting skills!


Ugh. In the staffer's defense, sometimes when your job is basically "Googling shit all day" you get REALLY REALLY SICK of Google, and all you want is a little human contact, and maybe some pizza. And definitely some beer.

Heh, "some."