Jane Velez-Mitchell Not Amused By Awful "Rape Congratulations" Cards

HLN current affairs show host Jane Valez-Mitchell sounds positively pissed as hell as she discusses those hipstery-horrible greeting cards with a prosecutor, a rape survivor, and several other women. Video inside!

A breast cancer survivor, Velez-Mitchell doesn't agree with You Stupid Bitch, the cards' maker, that they're so "positive and fun":


Change.org is hosting a petition requesting Etsy to remove the cards from its website. Meanwhile, a mom-to-be named Amber says she personally asked Etsy to remove them, claiming that the cards violate Etsy's vendor guidelines. Etsy refused, she reports, so she started a boycott. Amber's thrilled by the news coverage of the issue. "Just goes to show that if one person screams loud enough someone will eventually hear you!," she writes.

Greeting Cards Make Light of Rape? [CNN]

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This is an excellent illustration of why sometimes when I pass hipsters in The Mission I randomly feel the urge to punch them right in the solar plexus.

What passes for a sense of humor among hipsters is just so aggressively stupid. Lack of empathy and/or emotional affect is not a positive feature, people.