Um, note to Jane Pratt: the Playboy thing? Kinda been done! I mean, just off the top of my head there's your BFF Drew Barrymore, and Gloria Steinem, who kind of invented the whole edgy women's magazine stunt when she became a Playboy bunny. Anyway, so Jane Magazine founder Jane Pratt showed up to the set of Playboy's Sirius radio show last Thursday for bunny tryouts and apparently was given the whole "Jane, you've got a body for radio" speech.

No seriously, they said she wasn't tan enough or something. Though judging from that old pic of Gloria in her bunny suit, the tan is just another way idealized standards of beauty have gotten more unattainable over the years. In other news, Pratt's ex-assistant Karen Yampolsky did something slightly more original than trying out to be a Playboy Bunny and wrote a thinly-veiled tell-all about her experiences at the magazine (I actually read this) which she tells Rush & Molloy she wrote on her work computer:

"I think the Conde Nast executives forgot I was still there, so I used their computers to write about their magazine folding."

She could have stolen some un-retouched Vogue cover photos while she was at it and saved herself the trouble of actually writing a book, but then we wouldn't have known about that awesome schoolmarmy managing editor with the coke problem. So, uh, thanks!