Jane Pratt just won't shut up about how actually she really hated Jane after Conde Nast ousted her ass. In fact, she wonders why the whole world didn't just come to a screeching halt the day she left! "I have some questions why they stayed after it became crappy," she said on her ragingly popular satellite radio show of former staffers. Maybe because they had a new boss who actually came to work and was really nice? But she was its MOMMY.

I feel like I abandoned that baby and it went off and got on drugs or something.

Um, we just fact-checked this analogy to someone who used to work with Ms. Pratt, who says it almost holds up with some mild tweaks: "It was actually sort of like a baby who could have recovered from its mild case of fetal alcohol syndrome with regular feedings but mommy was an absentee fame whore who eventually got a visit from child-protective services."

Jane Pratt On The End Of Jane [Ad Age]