Jane Pratt Confirms: She Did Have Sexual Relations With That Woman, Drew Barrymore

Apparently we were the only people who were too busy flunking Pre-calculus in 1995 to realize that the term "starfucking," when applied to what Jane Pratt was doing with Drew Barrymore, actually meant "fucking."

Which is why we are glad that the business editor of the New York Post is now edited by an alum of Star — he knows readers need reminding of these things. Plus, even if you knew about Drew and Jane's public necking at the Vibe 2nd Anniversary Party — (Ooooh, WHICH blond actress/editrix pair were the original freaks gettin it on who ain't leavin till six in the morn? Haha, we made that up) — sex was so wrapped-up and wholesome in the nineties (Remember having to explain to your parents how Bill Clinton wasn't actually lying about a BJ not equating to "sex"? And then getting grounded despite actually living overseas? Digress) we didn't actually think Drew and Jane had actually done it, we just sort of thought they might have humped a little. Well, props may have been involved, according to a Post Business Section:

"I did have sex with Drew Barrymore," [Pratt said]

Yeah, ok, we only extrapolated the props.

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