Brandon Holley, the editor tapped to tiptoe slowly across all the bridges Jane Pratt burned at Jane, is such a nice lady she emerged unscathed from Falling Out Of Fashion, the most indiscriminately catty magazine publishing roman a clef, like, ever. So we weren't surprised to read founding editor Jane Pratt graciously assure the New York Post she didn't feel "vindicated" to see her successor out of a job. Which is why we were confused when we opened the New York Daily News to see the words: "See what happens when I leave?" (Because that quote is like actually in the dictionary under "vindication" we looked it up.) Then we saw Radar:

I think it could've been done in such a way that it could've really thrived. For example, getting somebody in there who was quite a bit younger, living the lifestyle, who would breathe fresh energy into it, and maybe keep me connected to the extent that I could still do some of the press for it.

Oh Jane, don't be silly, you're not too old to have your own eponymous magazine all to yourself! Advertisers love it when you use words like "living the lifestyle."

And plus we hear Bitch will be next to die so you can totally swipe the name!

Jane On The Death Of 'Jane' [Radar]