Jamie Lee Curtis Would Like Us All To Have A Great Weekend

"All of a sudden I realized I exist," Jamie Lee Curtis tells Jeanne Marie Laskas in July's Ladies Home Journal. (No, we don't usually read it, as much as we are totes obsessed with "Can This Marriage Be Saved" but the publicist sent us a nice file of it over the internet and we're searching for crap to post so we can resume drinking.) Well, bonerkiller of bonerkillers, Jamie Lee!

How many of us are killing ourselves every day? Who here has high blood pressure and is still eating salt and french fries? Who has been told that her liver is enlarged and unless she stops drinking she's gonna end up with liver disease and/or need a liver transplant and/or die? We create senseless acts of violence against ourselves daily. And we live in this amnesia that we're not. If I was a doctor sitting with a woman who says, 'Oh yes, I smoke.' You do? Really? Then I don't want you as a patient..

You know..if you want to avoid your 14-year-old child drinking, make sure you don't drink in front of your 14-year-old child. If your children see that you can celebrate something without alcohol, they will not know that the first thing you do when something good happens to you is pop a bottle of Champagne... We're sedentary, we eat salt all day long. We go to the doctor, we get a blood test. We get a heart test. We get diagnostic tools that medicine has now to tell us how we are, and what do we do? We don't do anything. Or we take a drug. And that's not what I'm talking about. Take a drug so you don't have to change. No! I'm saying change. Change it right now!

Yeah we thought about it, but then we realized we're not the LHJ demo yet, so we'll worry about our livers when we've got loveless marriages to save. Cheers!

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Yeah, this thing about not drinking in front of one's kids is utter nonsense. When I visit my family in Italy, I see that the adults have a very healthy relationship with alcohol & that none of the kids have a drinking problem. Wine is enjoyed because of its taste & scent & in moderation. There's no taboo on drinking like in the US, which, as phonetic pointed out above, probably leads to more drinking in the long run.

Celebrating with a bottle of champagne is the perfect way to teach kids about how alcohol is something for special occasions. One doesn't drink a whole bottle of Veuve Cliquot every day of the week, just like we don't eat birthday cake for breakfast on a daily basis.

Come on, Jaime Lee.