June didn't want to wait for her life to be over. She had to know right now what it would be. No, she really didn't want to wait for her life to be over. So June packed her bags, left small town-life in Indiana and headed towards the glitz and glamour of New York City.

But how could poor June Bug have possibly predicted that her new boss would be investigated for mass embezzlement, or that her roommate Chloe would be a heinous, foursome-having, rap video-starring, sociopathic beyotch? And who could have possibly predicted that June would find a traumatizing new frenemy in none other than James Van Der Beek? Yes, The Beek from the Creek is still alive and still wearing his signature flannel. But he's apparently become totally vain and a raging scuzzball (though he claims he flew to Chile to greet the rescued miners after finding out they asked only for food and Dawson's Creek DVDs).

Watch June navigate her first year in New York—despite the nefarious influences of Chloe and Dawson James—on the series premiere of Don't Trust the B- - - - in Apartment 23, Wednesday April 11 at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.