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James Lipton Teaches Teens To Think Before They Text

In a serious of surprisingly hilarious new PSA's, James Lipton shares his beard with teens contemplating text-based attacks on their exes and rivals, so that they can ponder their actions first. Funniest clip above, three more after the jump.



He was about to send her a pic of his junk:

Carlos's girlfriend will never know the joy of nuts:

James Lipton's Beard Protecting Teens' Junk [AdWeek]


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These are mostly fantastic, but the catfight one was stupid. Deciding not to be a jerk because you realize it's wrong to be a jerk is good. Deciding not to be a jerk because a girl will be a catty beyotch if you try to break up her relationship with lies is ... blame-shifty and generally not as well done as the other clips, I thought.