James Franco's Serious Stuffed Monkey Moment On General Hospital

Creepy weirdo artist named "Franco" returned to General Hospital this afternoon and he served up yet another odd clip for the internet to collectively groan over. The scene features James Franco taking photos of what might actually be a dead guy in his studio while words like "A.M.," "MURDER," and (no lie!) "Cereal" are flashed onto the screen. Then, just to kick the bizarre-o-meter level up, Franco picks up his favorite stuffed monkey and talks to him at length about his evil plans to ruin Jason Morgan's wedding day.

Intrigued? So are we, but for all the wrong reasons. You'd think that with the network's other two soaps being canceled and all, the GH art department might be able to kick it up a notch.


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As much as I love James Franco (mostly because he pisses folks off), it isn't enough for me to return to the festering pile of crap that is General Hospital. Why this show is the last one standing while One Life to Life and All My Children are getting canned is beyond me.