James Franco Is Officially Overexposed and Unbearable

Poor James Franco. So talented! So prolific! So insufferable. It wasn't always this way. James Franco used to be mysterious, hot, sexy, smart. James Franco used to be so good. He embodied James Dean. We dug him as Harry Osbourne in Spider-Man, we were titilated by his turn as a male hustler in Sonny, he was hilarious in Pineapple Express, tender in Milk and weirdly great on General Hospital.


But James Franco, artist and actor and NYU film teacher and MFA graduate of Columbia, has just made what might be the worst commercial ever. This two minute and forty-five second Galaxy Note 1.1 spot — which is about two minutes too long — is supposed to show that the gadget is good at multitasking, just like James Franco. But as James Franco makes breakfast, diagnoses strep throat, solves a math problem, and has a quick pillow fight, you may find yourself rolling your eyes, groaning and yawning. What should come off as a winking, tongue-in-cheek send-up of Franco's reputation as an industrious overachiever is actually a tedious, drawn-out, badly paced joke without punchline. If the point is to raise awareness of the Galaxy Note, well, then: Mission accomplished! I will openly mock anyone I see using that thing (or any gadget with a stylus… might as well go back to Filofax, homes). The giant pineapple, however, was mildly amusing.

Paging Dave Franco. Dave Franco to the white courtesy phone, please.

James Franco is a Master Multitasker Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Note [AdRants]

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You don't get it, Dodai. What? Do you think he wants to be terrible at this commercial? He wishes he was good, you know? When he was... when he was in sixth grade, they told his acting class that the following year they'd be either in track one, track two or track three. Track one's the great actors. Track two's the normal actors. Track three is the dumb actors. And what do you think he got? How do you think it feels to be told you're dumb when you're eleven years old? Doing everything he's doing: the pillow fight, the diagnosing, the cooking...He just wants to prove them wrong.