James Franco Is Making a Movie About Lindsay Lohan, Because He Loves Us

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Oh my gaaaaaaaahhhd. In the scheme of life-changingly delightful turns of phrase, "James Franco is making a movie about Lindsay Lohan" is right up there with "snow day," "SVU marathon," and "You've won free churros for life." According to a casting breakdown he posted, Franco is directing a feature about "the life of two Hollywood celebrities," and he's looking for "James Franco types" and "Lindsay Lohan types."

Notably, the breakdown doesn't say that Franco will be starring in the film, nor that Lohan will appear either. So it looks more likely that Franco is simply basing the characters in the movie on himself and on Lohan. Were there a gap in the ages requested at around 30, we could presume that the two actors would be appearing as themselves, but since it calls for 30-year-olds, perhaps that's not the case.


Not even free churros for life could keep me from watching that shit. (Ha ha, pscyh. Have you seen a churro??) [Yidio]

Ron Palillo, who played Arnold Horshack on '70s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter (which reached a younger generation via Nick at Nite in the mid-'90s) has passed away at age 63.

Horshack was the pre-Screech, the nerdy loser who somehow got to hang out with the cool kids and was accepted as one of the gang. Today's kids have Glee and The Big Bang Theory, series built around celebrating the "losers" of the world. But in the days before "It Gets Better" and "Flip the Script," decidedly multi-cultural sitcoms like Kotter and characters like Horshack sent a (very) subtle message to younger viewers that it was OK to hang with those a bit different.


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Rashida Jones would like everyone to know that she totally didn't mean that thing she said about alleged masseur-fondler John Travolta needing to come out of the closet. "Made a thoughtless comment about John Travolta," she Tweeted today. "I sincerely apologize. Nobody's personal life is my business." Although, personally, I don't think her original statement was all that terrible (we are in the midst of a major civil rights struggle here—so while it might not be anyone's obligation to come out of the closet, it sure would be doing gay kids a solid), her retraction is graceful and classy. She is a gem. [ONTD]

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Dog the Bounty Hunter tried to go to England to appear on Celebrity Big Brother but England was all, "Um, no, brah, because of that time you got convicted of murder, 'membiez?" and now Dog the Bounty Hunter is hella bummed out. And then I was all, "You're the man now, Dog, who is not getting into England," out loud, and then I laughed and laughed all alone in my house. [Yahoo!]

  • "Sheryl Crow Permanently Restrains 'Deeply Disturbed' Man." WITH HER BARE HANDS. [E!]
  • "Kim Kardashian Gets Thrown Into Jail-For Pretend!" Holy shit! So pretending is a crime now!?!!?!!?!!? It's just like Thomas Jefferson said: When pretending is outlawed, only outlaws will play pretend. [E!]
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  • Mel B says the Spice Girls' Olympic reunion gave her "girl-power feeling." Pretty sure there's an ointment for that. (Bing bang bong!) [MTV]
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I just...I can't figure out when my ladyboner for Franco went away. I woke up one day and whoops it was gone. :(