Hello and welcome back to "James Franco Does Weird Things." Last night, Franco went on Jimmy Fallon's show to play a fun game called 5-Second Summaries, which involves a lot of awkward, funny attempts to guess movies.

Skip to around 1:34 to see the best part (or devote the extra one and a half minutes to watching the full beginning; whichever you prefer. I'm not the boss of you). I'm in love with how Franco insists he didn't say the word. On the Franco Weirdness Scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Franco's performance as James Dean (not at all weird, actually quite good) and 10 being posting strange selfies in the middle of the night, this ranks about a 4.3. Not really that weird for Franco, but still kind of weird. But it's the kind of weird you'd want to invite to a beach party, so that's good.


For those interested, here's the second part of the segment.