James Franco Can't Even Tell When He Says the Word 'Fuck' Anymore

Hello and welcome back to "James Franco Does Weird Things." Last night, Franco went on Jimmy Fallon's show to play a fun game called 5-Second Summaries, which involves a lot of awkward, funny attempts to guess movies.


Skip to around 1:34 to see the best part (or devote the extra one and a half minutes to watching the full beginning; whichever you prefer. I'm not the boss of you). I'm in love with how Franco insists he didn't say the word. On the Franco Weirdness Scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Franco's performance as James Dean (not at all weird, actually quite good) and 10 being posting strange selfies in the middle of the night, this ranks about a 4.3. Not really that weird for Franco, but still kind of weird. But it's the kind of weird you'd want to invite to a beach party, so that's good.

For those interested, here's the second part of the segment.

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Man, how many times in your life do you wish you could play the tape back and prove someone wrong like that?